20-Yr Old Orphan Girl Fights for her Dream

Rachel Sarah Chacko

Rachel was 5 years old when she learnt that she was adopted. After the initial confusion, she was proud that her parents had chosen her from amidst a thousand other babies. But later she realized her parents weren’t the perfect angels she had made them out to be due to their constant bickering, violent arguments and verbal abuses.

Due to the turbulence at home, school quickly became her safe haven. The teachers loved her not only because of her academic excellence but also because she represented the school at School Games Federation of India National Athletic Meet twice in 2012 and 2013. In fact, it was during my athletic competition that I got the call about my parents’ divorce. My hopes to win the Meet took a backseat as the 16-year-old me pleaded on the phone for them to reconsider their decision. But to no avail. My father quickly moved away and I never saw him again.

Rachel’s mother was taken to a Church Minister who she grew increasingly fond of. The Minister told Rachel’s mother that Rachel was a “a demon child” who ruined everything she touched and she was possessed and that she would murder her the first chance she got.

Rachel’s mother told her that she wanted to go far away from me to Kerala and that she had hidden all her documents including school certificates, passport and all identity cards without which Rachael would never be able to complete her education. Rachel was forced to signing a document saying “Rachel was responsible for her own finances from there on. She was never to approach her mother again and had no claim on her mother’s support financial or otherwise. It also said that RacheI was the one who forced her mother into leaving”. She refused to sign and her mother left her.

Rachel is left with No Documents and No Money. She is a final year student of a Dental College in Chennai. After various NGO’s refused to help as the fee was too high, Rachel finally started a campaign in ImpactGuru.com to help her fulfill her dream. As of October 2018, she has raised Rs. 15 Lakh out of Rs.20 Lakhs needed to finish her education and be a Doctor like she dreamed. Rachel is thankful to the overwhelming response she received and is extremely grateful for every single rupee she received.

For more information: https://www.impactguru.com/fundraiser/support-rachel

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