7UP Take Chennaiites on a mini ‘Chillcation’

A mini Chill Vacation, or #Chillcation in the middle of the day. What better  way to ‘Put The Chill’ in your life?

7UP, the refreshing clear drink with a natural lemon flavor, actress  ADAH SHARMA and FIDO DIDO7UP’s ageless mascot gave Chennaites  #ChillcationGoals with a never seen before experience at the city’s Express  Avenue Mall. 

Adah unveiled 7UP’s ‘Put the Chill’ philosophy and told audiences how one  should take a moment to slow down during stressful situations, take a  break and reconnect with the people and things that really matter. 

Through the ‘Put the Chill’ campaign, Fido Dido, the witty, wriggly – haired  mascot known for his quirky, fun attitude is all set to show consumers how  to handle any situation with a sense of calm and humour. Through his  quirky one-liners aka Fidosophies, the ageless mascot reiterates the brand’s belief that there is no  point stressing about stressful situations.

Adah was joined on stage by Nobel Dhingra, Director Flavors (7UP and  Mirinda) and Area 3 Countries, PepsiCo India. Together, they unveiled the ‘7UP CHILLCATION’, a one – of – its – kind, on ground experience which gave consumers 4 DIFFERENT  VACATION ADVENTURES in the span of a few minutes. 

Fido Dido welcomed consumers for the 7UP Chillcation against the  backdrop of a yacht, which opened up into a scuba diving experience,  replete with scenes of life underwater. A beach, along with a personal  masseuse to help relieve stress, set the tone for the next zone. This gave  way to the  GRAND FINALE of the Chillcation – a ‘Put the Chill’ carnival!

Sharing anecdotes with the audience from her own life, Adah Sharma spoke  about Fido’s calm attitude and sense of humour and how she tries to  emulate this in her daily life. 

Speaking about her experience, Adah Sharma said, “It feels great to be in  Chennai as part of 7UP’s Put The Chill campaign. Our cultural environment, never ending work and social commitments, and the world  around us, combine to put tremendous pressure on us. But 7UP’s philosophy of ‘Put the Chill’ is spot on – it doesn’t  matter how much there is to stress about. When you relax, chill and don’t let it affect your  natural positivity, there’s nothing one can’t take on.

The 7UP Chillcation is by far one of the coolest renditions of chill I have ever seen. I can’t  wait for Chennai to experience it!”  

Speaking about Put the Chill and the 7UP Chillcation, Nobel Dhingra, Director Flavors (7UP and Mirinda) and Area 3 Countries, PepsiCo India  said, “Chennai has shown 7UP tremendous love over the last few years, and we love coming  back for our consumers here. 7UP encourages consumers to be  their cool and optimistic self. The exclusive 7UP Chillcation experience in Chennai is a  reiteration of this ‘Put the Chill’ philosophy. We are very excited to have Adah Sharma  and of course, our very own Original Chiller, Fido Dido introduce 7UP Chillcation to the  city. We are confident that consumers will enjoy the experience, and let 7UP put the chill  in their daily, stressful routines.” 

The duo also showcased the brand’s latest TVC that shows Fido Dido  effortlessly ‘Put The Chill’ into people’s lives with a 7UP.

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