A Birthday salute to their Veteran Leader

Anbirkum undo adaikkum thaazh? (Can the door of love and affection be bolted?)

Yes, it was a display of the above proverb in Tamil on the 19th of October 2020 at Nungambakkam, Chennai.

The entire World might have gone through the trauma of being locked…; unlocked…; locked…; unlocked…. and all of us know why! But the love, affection and gratitude of the leaders and comrades of the National Federation of Insurance Field Workers of India for their founder leader-former Secretary General Shri G.V.S.Mani did not get bolted-could not be bolted!

As the sun rose on the 19th October, personal visits by friends like Mr. and Mrs. Kannan, WhatsApp messages and calls from all over India, (including the top leaders President Mr.Vinay Babu and Secretary General Mr.Vivek Singh) started flowing. Messages from the comrades of Chennai Divisions with whom G.V.S has grown from his 25th year and which have in turn grown with G.V.S were in plenty. This included retired Development Officers and staff who have had very close association with the veteran.

On behalf of all the comrades and leaders of N.F.I.F.W.I Mr.Vivek Singh and Mr.Vinay Babu had not only published an amazing article and birthday greetings in the Federation newsletter but ordered a surprise birthday cake to be delivered by the local team to his residence at Nungambakkam. Since the present conditions of social distance strictly denied a big gathering, it was a simple, sweet and touching function organized (under the direction of the Secretary General) by Mr.Sanjeevi Nagasai, former G.S. of Chennai Division 2 along with the Development Officers Mr.Narayanan and Mr.Rajagopal.

Under the canopy of the dusky twilight of the October sky, in the background of the twitter of the birds returning to their nests, amidst the lush green flora, with the warmth of the dim electric light and the divine glow of the Kamakshi vilakku, and the recording of the traditional Manthra Pushpam of the Vedic priests the Chennai team took the pleasure of handing over the lovely cake with the name of G.V.S.Mani inscribed on it. They also paid their pranams to the octogenarian veteran on behalf of all their comrades.

One can certainly say that this simple function organized so beautifully despite the high stress prevailing today sent waves of nostalgic memories of one of the grandest functions organized in 2016 by the Chennai team led by Mr.Manoharan and Mr.Anand when a stamp was released to commemorate the veteran’s selfless service to the community of Development Officers.

Inspite of his age and frail health, G.V.S thoroughly enjoyed the function and showered his soulful blessings to all the leaders and comrades of N.F.I.F.W.I.

The function wound up with loud cheers of “National Federation zindabad, zindabad” – the Tharaka Manthra of this Founder cum Former Secretary-General.

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