A Magnum Opus

Yes, one cannot deny that the Padma Seshadri Senior Secondary Schools 66th anniversary programmes under the theme “Timeless Dolls”, timely companions was indeed a “Magnum Opus” under the captaincy of Mrs. Sheila Rajendra, Dean, Director, and Correspondent of the magnificent oak tree, the PSBB set of schools, the dedicated guidance of the principals and the staff of the 3 schools who have come together for this “Abinaya 2023” – the thematic presentation for the anniversary at Kamaraj Arangam was a treat for the eyes, ears, and the mind.

The presence of ChevalierPadmasree awardee one of the most popular and sought after classical music singer as the chief guest added colour and glamour to the whole show. The chief attraction being the thematic presentation other than the music, dance, choreography, make-up, costume, etc.

It was a breath-taking parade of dolls from all over the world (yesteryears and modern) with rich and attractive costumes, perfect props which brought authenticity to the period to which lighting and fireworks added glamour. The tantalizing music, songs, and lyrics in multiple languages from across the globe, were richly seasoned by the mind-boggling research work behind the production which was done by the teachers and staff members of the schools and Mrs. Gayathri, the ultimate brain behind the show are all few examples to be emulated by all schools of the country.

Well did the Mrs. Aruna Sairam suggest that our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Modi should be invited to see this show to wonder that this school in Chennai whose seeds were sown by the incomparable educationist, theatre artist, social worker, journalist, art lover and spiritualist whose contribution to the world of Vaishnavism is mind-boggling.

These seeds have now grown into a mighty banyan tree whose offshoots have spread all over South India. At this juncture a big salute to respectful parents and beloved students of this prestigious institution without whose support this programme would not have been successful.

Mrs. YGP has left behind her a big legacy – her own daughter-in-law Mrs. Sheila Rajendra (Dean, Director, and Correspondent), the entire team of principals, teachers and staff members who have been trained under her guidance and support. She has inculcated the rich culture of the school in all aspects of educational and holistic development of the present generation as the Tamil song goes ….


About 500 students from all 4 schools of P S B B – T P Road, Lake Area Nungambakkam, K K Nagar and Siru Seri brought to life all those timeless dolls from all over the world from time immemorial (the Vedic days tothis current space age) and mesmerized the audience. The versatile chief guest ChevalierPadmasree Mrs. Aruna Sairam rightly said that she wanted to be invited every year to this amazing amalgamation of art, music, dance, theatrem culture innovation and education at its enchanting heights.

P S B B …………


Rajee Mani

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