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5-year old Master Samaksh Jain hailing from Rajasthan has a developmental condition called ED (Ectodermal Dysplasia). He has no teeth in the lower jaw & just two teeth in the upper jaw. He was given removable dentures for the upper and lower jaw in his home town but was unable to wear the lower denture because of instability. This led to poor food intake, poor growth as well as poor aesthetics with tremendous psychological issues for the child and his parents.

Across the World, the only way to help such patients is to use titanium dental implants in the lower jaw to anchor the lower denture and hold it firm. Having received this advanced dental implant treatment at Rajan Dental, Master Samaksh Jain is now Asia’s youngest patient treated with a dental implant. Dr. Gunaseelan Rajan, the Managing Director of Rajan Dental along with Dr. Srinivasan, Dr. Savanna Kumar and their team has successfully performed this rare implant surgery on the five year old.

Less than ten patients have been treated worldwide at the age of five or younger. This state-of-the-art technology can really transform a patient’s nutrition and self confidence.

The doctors at Rajan Dental had used two dental implants of a very advanced design which is an alloy of titanium and zirconia (Straumann Roxolid implant, Switzerland) which was surgically placed in the patient’s lower jaw under general anesthesia. After the healing period, the denture was anchored to these implants and thus made to be very stable.

Rajan Dental are happy to have brought in this advanced technology as well as a treatment option to treat such deserving patients in India to such a deserving patient in India.

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