Amazon upgrades Echo Studio with new audio features

Amazon Echo Studio, the best-sounding Echo speaker is now getting even better with two new features— Amazon’s custom-built spatial audio processing technology and frequency range extension. These upgrades are in addition to Echo Studio’s existing support for both Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio.

The Spatial audio processing technology enhances stereo sound and offers greater width, clarity and presence. It turns Echo Studio into a hi-fi stereo system, so vocal performances are more present in the center, while the stereo-panned instruments are better defined on the side, creating a more immersive sound experience that reproduces the artist’s intent.

The improved frequency range extension technology delivers better performance by improving mid-range clarity and deepening the bass.

Just ask Alexa to play your favorite song and feel the closest you’ve ever been to music with the new audio features on Echo Studio. The new features will automatically roll out on Echo Studio devices via a software update.

Author: nammamadrasnews

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