AMC India Launches the much anticipated ‘Navigenio’

The Swiss German, Premium cookware company AMC India Direct Selling  Pvt ltd. Launched the first of its kind multi – talented mobile, smart hotplate  Navigenio in Chennai.Positioned as the ‘smallest oven in the world  and one and only hotplate that enables automatic cooking, the smart and  innovative Navigenio is the ideal ‘co – pilot’ in the kitchen. Self -controlled  and monitored alongside the ‘Audiotherm’ technology,Navigenio is a quick  and efficient partner to cook, roast, fry and bake food at anoptimum  temperature ensuring healthy meals. The smart radio connection between  Navigenio and Audiotherm can also keep food warm until consumption  once the timer is set. Another unique feature of the Navigenio is,when  placed upside down it transforms any AMC pot into an oven which is quick  and energy efficient. 

Its small, light -weight built makes Navigenio handy for preparing meals  both indoors and outdoors. Used in combination with the acoustic control  device Audiotherm, it serves as the perfect auto co – pilot in the kitchen. The  radio connection between the Audiotherm and glass ceramic cooktop  ensures that after setting the time and cooking program in Audiotherm, the  user’s meal of choice is prepared and kept warm in a self-controlled way.  Navigenio is good for seasoned and new home chefs who are looking for a smart and healthy cooking option.With introduction of Navigenio in India,  now the users can get more benefits from their AMC Premium systems. 

Millions of customers around the world enjoy cooking tastier and healthier  meals with premium cooking system by AMC – and also in India, more and  more people are enjoying the advantages of AMC`s high-quality pots and  pans. With AMC’s exclusive and unique mobile smart hotplate Navigenio  thatis now available nationwide, customers can benefit the many  advantages of quick, healthy and smart cooking. The Navigenio along with  the Audiotherm is available for INR 41,555 in India.  However, there are  exclusive and introductory offers also available.AMC products can be  purchased from AMC offices and AMC partners. 

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