An Informative Session on Rice and Diabetes

The most common advice given to people who have high sugar is, ‘avoid rice.’ The suggestions keep pouring in like abstain from fruit etc.

Spirit of the Earth in association with will be organising an informative session on Rice and Diabetes on 23rd April 2022, 11 am to 12:30 pm at Spirit of the Earth store, Mylapore, Chennai.

The focus of the session is food is our fuel but consumption of this fuel is often limited and misinterpreted for a diabetic thanks to a host of misconceptions.

 Dr Lakshmi Sundar

A long distance runner and fitness enthusiast, Dr Lakshmi is a diabetologist and trained surgeon. She currently works on preventing amputation for persons with diabetes. Her many years of experience in this field has led her to research more on prevention of diseases and help people live a life without medicines.

She comes with the understanding that her years spent as an allopathic consultant was towards treating symptoms and not the cause. This led her to train with Sharan and join the team as a consultant.

Joining the seminar is food consultant, chef and food stylist, Neelima Sriram.

Her years of experience across continents, Europe, Central Asia and North America (Canada) where she taught cooking and successfully ran a catering business has enabled her in making plant based food more accessible and sustainable.

Neelima strongly believes that food is one’s medicine, and through her sessions, teaches people on the many ways food can be healthy and delicious as well.

As Neelima says, “A recipe has no soul. It is the cook who must breathe life into it”. You will see this through the magic she creates!

Spirit of the Earth

Spirit Of The Earth, an immersion centre focuses on conservation of heritage rice seeds. The cultivation of these indigenous rice varieties is done at our 50 acre organic farm in Manjakkudi, Tirvarur district, Tamil Nadu. Our objective is to revive these heritage rice varieties that were once known, and popularly consumed, by bringing it to the urban consumer. In addition to having a distinct flavour and story, each variety of rice brings with it immense nutritional benefits; some of which are diabetic friendly. Till date, we have been able to preserve and conserve over 260 heritage rice varieties.

This is a free informative talk open to all. We hope to share useful information about the benefits of consuming indigenous rice.

After the talk, light refreshments made with whole heritage rice varieties will be served.

23rd April 2022, Saturday
11 am – 12.30 pm

At Spirit Of The Earth
Srinidhi Apartments
No-4 Desika Road
Mylapore, Chennai
Contact: 95000 82142

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