Chennai 67-year-old Mrs Eswari Jagadeesan underwent a liver transplant

Chennai 67-year-old Mrs Eswari Jagadeesan was suffering from severe symptoms of liver disease for several years. She had to travel to the other part of the city (South Chennai) for her regular doctor visit and treatment. Meanwhile her condition worsened and progressed into Liver failure and it was advised that only a Liver Transplant could save her life.

It is already a painful and long journey for any one from the other part of the city and a life threatening condition like this make the situation many times worse. However, there was relief just around the corner, as she found out at the Dr Rela Institute. She registered in the State organ recipient registry and awaited a donor organ. On the 7th of December 2019, her family received a call from the hospital, informing that she found a suitable liver from a brain dead donor at Stanley Medical College hospital. She was admitted the same day for the transplant surgery and the team lead by Prof Mohamed Rela successfully transplanted the donated organ to Mrs Eswari. She recovered swiftly and was discharged after a brief hospital stay without any complications.

Dr Mohamed Rela is a World renowned authority in Hepatobiliary transplant surgeries and has performed more than 4000 successful liver transplant surgeries worldwide and over a 1000 surgeries in Tamilnadu alone.

Dr Rela Institute and MS Hospitals – RIMS Hospitals, Chennai in its ambitious endeavour to make world class medical care accessible to everyone and as a part of its First Feather on the cap through the first ever Liver Transplant Surgery in a private hospital in North Chennai, within 6 months of launching the hospital. This programme will focus on providing world class healthcare facilities to the neighbourhood areas including entire North Chennai, District of Thiruvallur, Tirutani, Tirupati, and Nellore.

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