‘Compfie’ redefines the dynamics of Compliance practice

Aparajitha Corporate Services Private Limited, the country’s No. 1 company for Compliance, has introduced a Global e-compliance platform called ‘Compfie’. With the determined dream to digitalise compliance management across organisations, Aparajitha envisioned the need for a unique technology platform. Thus was born ‘Compfie’, an intelligent Software that enables organisations to become ‘Model Employer’ by being fully compliant, establishing powerful compliance tracking process, avoiding financial and reputation risks and unwanted board room worries. Organisations can now mitigate their compliance risks and stay smart with this e-compliance platform.

‘Compfie’ is the brainchild of Mr. Nagaraj Krishnan, Managing Director, Aparajitha Corporate Services Private Limited and his CXOs who worked passionately to transform a visionary idea into a futuristic global product. Backed by a highly energetic team consisting of more than 1200 plus compliance experts, the company is seriously dedicated to achieving customer delight with the comprehensive compliance management tool.

At Aparajitha, it is our constant endeavour to create benchmarks and constantly upgrade. We understand that real business success cannot be measured by market share or business volume alone. We know that long-term, sustainable growth can be achieved only by real client satisfaction and by adopting a responsible attitude towards the compliance needs of our clients. This ethos sits at the heart of Aparajitha and the way we work. ‘Compfie’ is in line with this endeavour. It’s a cloud-based global platform whose DNA is powered by our 20 years of Compliance Knowledge and expertise across industries which  monitors, ensures and drives an organizations Compliance performance; it also serves as an audit-ready tool with the required dashboards representing the current status and compliance reports of the organisation,” says Mr. Nagaraj Krishnan.

‘Compfie’ architecture is designed to provide complete visibility and a bird’s eye view of the compliance status across Global, Country, State and Unit levels. Our Compliance experts provide round the clock support in updating Country wise Industry specific laws and auto configuring the software with appropriate domain covering Laws under Labour, Fiscal, Corporate, Commercial, EHS , and Industry Specific catering to  large global organisations, medium and small firms.

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