Dancing On The Grave: India Today Originals’ powerful new true-crime docu-series to drop on Prime Video

India Today Originals is set to launch a new true-crime documentary series titled Dancing-On-The-Grave that will be aired on Prime Video in India and across 240 countries and territories worldwide from April 21. The show, which caters to a global audience with local content, is an unscripted investigative docuseries that takes a deep dive into a bone-chilling crime – the murder of Shakereh Khaleeli–in the early 90s in Bangalore.

Produced by India Today Originals and directed by the talented Patrick Graham, Dancing On The Grave is a 4-part docu-series that presents an unbiased perspective of the mysterious murder through exclusive interviews of the key characters in the events as well as by some who were at peripheries, the perpetrator himself and, unseen footage. Delving into a grisly real-life crime, the docu-series is about the disappearance and murder of Shakereh Khaleeli (maiden name Namazi), a well-known and wealthy heiress from a respected family.

The series promises to captivate audiences with its gripping storytelling and extensive research into the shocking murder. The docu-series goes beyond the already-known facts, digging deep into the murder that shook everyone 30 years ago.

India Today Originals, a part of India’s most credible media house, the India Today Group, is an original content hub that produces high-quality non-fiction series and features for streaming and audio platforms. The production house was launched as a part of the group’s expansion, leveraging its expertise in storytelling across various formats such as print, broadcast, radio, and digital.

Backed by an experienced team of correspondents, content writers, and directors hand-picked by the India Today Group, India Today Originals has built an extensive content pool for creating intriguing and stimulating stories that are informative and entertaining.

Dancing On The Grave is the second production by India Today Originals which has established itself as a producer of gripping, high-quality, true-crime content. Its first production, Indian Predator – Diary of a Serial Killer (Season II), currently streaming on Netflix features among the top 10 shows on the platform.

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