Diana Penty Turns Showstopper for Designer Disha Patil At The First Ever Virtual Lakme Fashion Week 2020

Inspired by sacred geometry and fuelled by poetry, Disha Patil’s offering for winter/festive 2020 ‘The Labyrinth’ is for the new-age bride. Glamorous without asking for attention, her lineup of festive wear speaks to customers who are unafraid to let their personal style shine through on their big day. With her collection, Disha deep dives into the principles of sacred geometry.

In nature, we find harmony that permeates through her design language. Four common sacred geometry symbols are the Seed of Life, Flower of Life, the Sri Yantra and Metatron’s Cube all of which exist in synergy with the designer’s lineup.  Disha, being a firm believer in the mystic, believes that these powers help to raise your self-awareness. Incorporating these symbols in occasion wear, her creations are graced by intricate beadwork, paillettes and sequins sewn in with precision.

In light of the pandemic, brides are more focused on craftsmanship which is at the heart of Disha’s work. The lighter palette of whites, greys, pinks highlighted by silver takes centre stage focusing on new cuts for blouses and lehengas. The idea was to create a timeless collection offering that goes beyond weddings into special occasions, taking your breath away and making you dance a little longer. These clothes offer a perfect escape in these trying times.

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