Dumbell Fitup Fest 2019 – South India’s First of its Kind Fitness And Wellness Event

Dumbell, in association with Brand Avatar, creates South India’s first of its  kind fitness and wellness event scheduled to be held on the 6th and 7th of  April 2019. The Dumbell Fitup Fest 2019 will showcase Conference, Fitness  Competitions, Yoga Sessions, Zumba Sessions, Fashion Show, Expos and  Awards Night.

It is an invitation to all Chennai citizens to be part of fitness movement to  learn, network and change their way of life. FITUP FEST 2019 aims to create  awareness among public about various forms of fitness activities for both the body and the mind which can be practiced in their daily life. FITUP  FEST will pave a way to transform the lifestyle of personalities  across age groups – kids to senior citizens – for a healthily living

There will be 30 games and fitness activities for people of all groups.  When  you participate and complete a minimum criteria, you will be awarded with  a “Naanumfitdhaan” (I am fit too) Medal. To add to the fun, you have  the Fashion Show, the glittering Awards Night, the Expo and a whole lot of  Yoga and Zumba sessions where you could happily participate.

Many fitness personalities will be sharing their stories, insights into a range  of fitness related issues, be it physical, mental and emotional. Inspiring transformational stories will be showcased for people to get their  dose of motivation, to get started or move faster.

Participatory activities are in store for all age groups, from children to adult s and the elderly. The stalls at the expo comprises of delicious food stalls,  fitness supplements, products and services for all.

Other Highlights

Break The Record Zone – Seasoned Fitness Champs could set and break  records in certain fitness activities and the winners will get their rewards  during the Awards Night on Apr 7th 2019.

Dumbell Classic – the Body Building Show where the musclemen will battle  it out in an ultimate show of fitness to earn coveted prizes.

FITUP Awards Night – FITUP Awards will recognize the best in the Fitness  Ecosystem, from the Inspirers to the Entrepreneurs, based on their  achievements and impact on fitness. The winners will be nominated and  chosen by the Core Committee Members of FITUP Fest.

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