Festival of Bright Ideas for a reason @ Sri Palam Silks

Sri Palam Silks this year have effectively stretched the boundaries of creativity and made kanjeevarams edgy, ground-breaking and loyal to the millennials. Palam is 16 this year and years of innovations in silk has helped bounce off ideas from all the past creations. This year’s collection is inspired from many of the signature concepts over the last 15 years.


When the whole of South Indian fashion brands were knee deep in gold zari, Palam introduced silver zari and copper zari to silk patrons. Now they have gone a step beyond. Aurora is all about colour zari playing on kanjeevarams. Here they have plated zari with several colours and the end result is something that is unlike any kanjeevaram. The shimmer of coloured zari is an offshoot of threadwork where the only way to splash more colours across the saree is by using thread over instead of zari work. But the shimmer is compromised in the former. So long, they assumed they made kanjeevarams more modern, but this is an innovation that is beyond the millennial era.


Ganga Jamuna border is a very traditional border concept in a kanjeevaram. It is much loved by silk patrons and Pravah is an offshoot of the same. Ganga Jamuna flaunts different coloured borders in the body whereas Pravah negates one border. They have also replaced a traditional “getti pet” border with chest bhuttas. Palam was the first brand to have created the Chest Bhuttas on kanjeevarams and labelled them under Angarika years ago.
Though 2nd border of the saree is forgo, they offer a subtle and contrast border across your pleats. This design concept creates an illusion as if a 3-inch heel is under your feet ( which we realized much later, while shooting the saree ). Looking tall and chic in kanjeevaram is an unspoken wish which they have catered here.

Quatre – Q4 Collection

Palam believed the bhuttas are always taken for granted as majority of silk patrons tend to be lazor-focused on border, pallu and colour. Magna Collection, a concept that was launched for Diwali 2018 glorified zari bhuttas. Q4 is an offshoot of Magna where (once again) they throw focus lights on bhuttas from a different angle. The first design concept which they have readied for this season; Since Palam is known to have broken boundaries when it comes to vintage kanjeevaram designs, they foresee Q4 becoming a design-norm after 100 years. In simple words, they flaunt 4 different designs in this saree that are totally unrelated to one another. Body, pallu, pleats and blouse present a strange yet endearing camaraderie in 1 saree.


Palam have already made all the changes we can with borders and now they have reached bhuttas. People who love subtle kanjeevarams love threadwork on sarees. 2 years ago they launched a collection that had its foundation solely on threadwork. Here they have adapted thread bhuttas that showcase a gradient of colours within. You can see 3 variations of threads in one bhutta that seamlessly flows into each other. This creation is the masterpiece of this festive season for Palam. This involves expert workmanship and the weaving process demands compelling precision that can be achieved only by master weavers with 30+ years of experience


This is a dedication to all silk patrons who love to doodle their own designs. This collection is based on the art form Zentangle which is impromptu sketching which also activates your brain cells that lean towards creativity. The prefix Zen actually denotes the whole sketching experience in a nutshell. Doodling this particular art form is a calming experience and enhances personal welling. The designs are fun, eccentric , carefree and therapeutic. They pulse with an attitude that is unlike a paisley, annam or Yarli. Though vintage elements such as the latter define kanjeevarams, Palam believe in extending design radius to several art forms since silk is a versatile fabric that can gracefully accommodate any style. The design twists, turns and flows and the beginning is lost in itself.
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