Five Best Movies of Jyotika post her comeback!

Jyotika is an extremely recognizable face when it comes to South Indian cinema, if perhaps not the most. The poster girl of Tamil cinema in the 2000s, Jyotika is known for her extremely versatile acting and vivacious screen presence. From her debut movie Vaali to her recent Ponmagal Vandhal, she went on to appear in a slew of popular films, earning numerous accolades for her work.

Taking a break from the industry at the peak of her career, Jyotika ended her hiatus in 2015. Though she made her comeback to cinema after an 8-year break, her evergreen screen presence and undeniable charm remain the same. With her 50th film – Udanpirappe set to release on Amazon Prime Video on October 14th here is looking back at the finest five movies she’s done since her comeback that showcase her acting skills.

  • Naachiyaar: Playing a cop’s role for the first time in her career, the movie showcased a  fierce lady cop who is no lesser than her male counterparts. The movie intrigued the audience since it was an avatar in which we hadn’t seen her play before, and had quite gotten used to seeing her playing soft roles. Jyotika gave a jaw-dropping performance which created an undeniable impact on people and also inspired many youths. Seeing Jyotika in a uniform with a ruthless attitude was unfathomably exciting for her fans.

  • Kaatrin Mozhi: Passion is what clears the clouds of mediocrity and depression from one’s life and assists in overcoming obstacles and setbacks. Kaatrin Mozhi is about an ambitious woman who wants nothing more than to work as a radio host while balancing her family life. The role could not have been played with immense finesse by anyone else other than Jyotika. Vijayalakshmi as a character had  inspired many homemakers to restart their careers afresh.

  • Raatchasi: Jyotika once again nailed the role of a protagonist, and showed her prowess in acting. If Maya (Jyotika) in Kaakha Kaakha defined a simple, and easygoing school teacher, Geetha Rani (Jyotika) a Lt. Colonel is a headmistress of a small government school,  who brings in revolutionary measures by inducing rebellion. Jyotika proved herself to be a true Raatchasi in the acting department as well!

  • Magalir Mattum: Jyotika’s comeback career has seen quite a few female-centric movies, and Magalir Mattum is one that is no different. Jyotika plays the lead as a documentary filmmaker who tries to unite her mother-in-law with her friends, a role she enacted in such a way the people in real life wanted a daughter like her, leaving an emotional impact on the homemakers. She served as a true inspiration to women who are still caught in the clutches of patriarchy.

  • Ponmagal Vandhal: The movie that has perhaps one of the best court scenes in Tamil Cinema history, and the legendary actress just manifests all of her acting expertise into that scene. Trying to bring a change in the society where victim-blaming is rampant, Jyotika’s acting prowess simply takes the audience to the very real event that the scene is based upon, guaranteeing goosebumps. One of those scenes where she justifies her title ‘Expression Queen’, this movie is definitely a must-watch.

Get ready to watch Jyotika in another power-role with Amazon Prime Video ‘s Udanpiraape, releasing this festive season, only on October 14, 2021

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