Fortis Malar Hospital celebrates International Women’s Day with Nurses and Patients

On the occasion of International Woman’s Day, Fortis Malar Hospital today organized a health and entertainment event for their nurses and patients along with the doctors at the hospital permises. The event focused on creating awareness on the need for women to listen to their bodies, protect their heart and maintain overall wellness in their daily lives. Dr. Madhu Sankar N Senior Consultant & HOD – Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery, Heart & Lung Transplant, Fortis Malar Hospitall, Dr. Anto Sahayaraj R, Senior Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgery, Fortis Malar Hospital and Dr. Nithya Ramamurthy, Senior Consultant, Gynaecology, Fortis Malar Hospital addressed the gathering.

Studies have shown that there has been a steady increase in cardiac related ailments among women in the recent years. In an attempt to address this growing trend, Fortis Malar Hospital hosted an awareness secession as part of their International Women’s Day 2020 celebrations. The session educated and encouraged women on various aspects of wellness, especially on cardiac well-being. As women are indispensable to the environments they live and work in, it is important for them to cultivate a habit of self-care, a critical routine that almost every woman puts off as a last priority.

Commenting on the activity, Dr. Madhu Sankar said “We are extremely delighted to have organized this activity in order to celebrate the significance and salute the excellence and spirit of women. When compared to men women seem to pay very less attention to their health. Cardio Vascular Disease has been considered since times immemorial to be a man’s domain and there is a notion that women are relatively protected from it but studies have proved that CVD is the major cause of death among women. Hence its important that women also take regular health checkup and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

As a part of the celebrations Fortis Malar Hospital in collaboration with premier beauty salon Green Trends conducted an exclusive makeover activity to make participating women feel special and good. This activity was aimed at providing grooming experience for nurses and other women staff who are working round the clock for the patients and hardly have any time for themselves. The event acknowledged the contributions of women to Fortis Malar Hospital’s success and recognized their dedication and relentless hard work in the care of the ailing.

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