Gleneagles Global Health City Perform Maximum Number of Normal Deliveries In High-Risk Pregnancy Cases

Gleneagles Global Health City, the largest facility of Gleneagles Global Hospitals organised an event to celebrate womanhood and to felicitate Dr Padmapriya who has achieved a milestone by conducting 85% of the normal deliveries in her total 11000 pregnancy cases. Dr Padmapriya has conducted normal deliveries even in high obstetric cases such as IVF pregnancy, twin pregnancy, previous caesarean section & pregnancy with reduced amniotic fluid level. Dr Thamizhachi Thangapandian, Member of Parliament (South Chennai) felicitated Dr Padmapriya on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Padmapriya Vivek, Head of Department, Obstetrics, Gynaecology & IVF, Gleneagles Global Health City said, “For every expectant mother childbirth is a positive, life-changing experience and we aim to make it a safe and comfortable experience. But factors like sedentary lifestyle, wrong dietary habits and fear of labour pain are the main reason for the surge in C sections in India. To make pregnant women ‘ think Normal’, we need to educate the pregnant women on, how to manage the pain during childbirth, how a natural birthing would be a positive experience for the mother and child and about the availability of various methods in ‘painless’ labour. When ‘painless’ natural birthing is offered as a choice, the expectant mother will readily opt that as a mode normal birth and will soon ‘ think Normal ‘added, Dr Padmapriya Vivek.

Dr Ravindranath, Founder and Chairman, Gleneagles Global Hospitals Group said, In India, the number of babies born through C section has doubled, with the country recording 9% of births thru C section in 2005-06. This rose to 18% in 2015 -16, although the WHO recommended the level of C section is only 10 to 15%. (Source- the Lancet).C sections are life-saving interventions in certain conditions like the abnormal position of the baby, bleeding from the placental bed, uncontrolled hypertension etc. But nowadays C sections are being performed due to Absence of spontaneous onset of labour pain, Failure of induction & Maternal request due to fear of labour pain and wanting an auspicious time of birth, etc. 

A balanced diet, healthy dietary habits, appropriate weight gain based on BMI during pregnancy and antenatal exercises will help to get them into spontaneous labour, leading to a Normal delivery. When Induction is thought twice due to medical conditions like gestational diabetes, cholestasis of pregnancy, gestational hypertension and post-dated pregnancy, instead of C section, chances of normal delivery will be high if the above-mentioned lifestyle modifications are followed. Thirdly, fear of labour pain. This fear of pain has become one of the commonest reasons for requesting a C section. These conditions can be addressed and resolved, to reduce the climbing percentage of C sections that are reaching alarming epidemic levels in our country only normal birthing will bring a positive impact and experience in both the mother and child. 

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