Govt should listen to inflationary concerns of RBI; exporters too feeling heat of rising raw material cost: EEPC India on credit policy

RBI’s inflation outlook which is on the higher side, is very much a matter of concerns for the exporters as the prices of raw material like steel for the manufactured exports have run up excessively, hitting the competitive advance of the Indian shipments, said EEPC India Chairman Mr Ravi Sehgal.

“While the RBI’s commentary about the global economy sounds positive with reference to the developed markets, the domestic issues with regard to rising prices in the domestic economy , would have a negative impact on our competitive advantage , especially for the engineering exporters,” said the EEPC India Chairman.

He said, the council has been at the forefront of reminding the governmnet about the need to check the prices of crucial raw material like steel and now that the RBI has also flagged the issue of inflation running high, an effective government intervention would be advisable.

EEPC India , the catalyst of Indian Engineering Exports is getting prepared to host more than 300  Exhibitors, 500  Overseas delegates, 10,000  trade visitors and 16 Thematic Sessions with close to 100 Speakers  at IESS VII which is opening its gates on the 8th March 2018 in Chennai

Author: Namma Madras News

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