HeyMath! Pilot study finds that 60% Grade 7 students can’t compare quantities

HeyMath!, a global Ed Tech leader in Mathematics, recently conducted a pilot study to evaluate the Maths proficiency of students at the end of the current academic year. 5,000 students from grades 5 to 9 in 30 CBSE schools across Delhi (1500), Chennai (2500), Coimbatore, Madurai, Bengaluru, and Vellore took part in the study.

The results were worrisome:

–          35% of Grade 5 students failed* in Factors and Multiples and divisibility tests which will directly affect their understanding of LCM and HCF

–          40% of Grade 6 students failed in Decimals, Fractions, and Ratios which are key pre-requisites for Algebra

–          60% of Grade 7 students failed in Mensuration and Comparing quantities

–          More than 50% students, across all grades, found word problems to be difficult which indicates the importance of comprehension skills in primary years

(*failed = students who got more than 40% of questions wrong)

Overall Chennai students performed about 15% higher better than their Delhi counterparts.

With this pilot study, our aim was to understand the learning gaps at a granular level and recommend customised learning paths for every student using our proven content, and teaching methodology We started by evaluating where a student stands in a particular topic through bite-sized diagnostic tests. Based on their performance, students went through a personalised learning program (PLP) comprising recommended lessons and targeted practice. At the end of 8 weeks, we found a 30% improvement on average among all students, with more than 90% students finding the programme effective, easy to use and motivating, she added.

Started in the year 2000, by two former bankers, Harsh Rajan, and Nirmala Sankaran, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, HeyMath! is a leader in online maths education that caters to over 5000 math teachers and 500,000 students across the world and India with more than 10,000 lessons and 1,00,000practice problems. HeyMath’s PLP is an effective tool to bridge learning gaps through granular diagnostics and a customised study plan. The goal is to make every student taste success, build confidence and interest in Mathematics.

Earlier this year, when the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2017 was released, most people were shocked to find that students (14 and 18-year-olds from 24 states) in rural India lacked foundational skills like reading and basic arithmetic that can help them progress in school and life. Sadly, the situation is not very different in urban India.

At the recent Ed Tech conference held in Chennai, 98% school principals agreed that at the start of every academic year, teachers inherit a class of students with learning gaps. However, due to time constraints, teachers are unable to provide individual attention to close those gaps. Moreover, they also do not have student-wise baseline data to plan any intervention.

The need of the hour is to look beyond the conventional pedagogy and use engaging methods, interactive lessons, animation, graphics, and quizzes, to ensure timely intervention in making maths learning less intimidating. HeyMath! covers grades 1-10, with emphasizes on language comprehension skills in early years, to build a strong maths foundation. The focus is on developing the right attitude and habits towards learning, thereby making it a creative and enjoyable process for students as well as teachers. It takes only 20 minutes of practice every day to master the subject, say the tutors at HeyMath!

Author: nammamadrasnews