Innovative film Academy’s MasterChef Telugu unveils the Top 14 contestants

With home-cooks putting their best foot forward in the MasterChef Kitchen, the launch episode of MasterChef Telugu, the regional adaptation of the internationally revered culinary show, unveiled the top 14 contestants of the season.  Battling for the coveted title by displaying their culinary prowess, 24 contestants from across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were seen in a heated cook-off to win a spot in the contest. The judges were blown away by the amazing delights the 14 contestants brought to the table. From the delicious curry-infused chicken roulade to the delectable beetroot moong dal halwa, it was literally a feast for the eyes.Innovative film academy and Endemol Shine’s visionary concept, MasterChef Telugu, premiered this weekend on Gemini TV, ending the wait for food connoisseurs. The inaugural episode, hosted by the milky beauty Tammannaah Bhatia, lived up to the immense expectations audiences had for the show, besides setting new standards in regional reality television. The show also marks actor Tammannaah’s debut on television.

The launch episode displayed the grandeur of South Indian culture with splendid sets that are in line with the international adaptations. The kitchen included intricately designed elements from the Telugu culture while upholding the renowned MasterChef kitchen’s authenticity. The contenders who were granted the apron in the first episode are now set to compete in the race to the finale over the course of 28 episodes for the prestigious trophy of MasterChef Telugu. The show intends to enrich the culinary landscape with remarkable talents who bring in diverse flavors from around the world under one roof through arduous tasks and exceptional cooking techniques.

The following are the top 14 contestants who have advanced to the next stage of MasterChef:

1) Sourabh

2) Anusha

3) Sai Sri

4) Kamal

5) Sarath

6) Nazeemunisha

7) Anupama

8) Madhavi Mohan

9) Jaideep

10) Priyadarshini

11) Tejaswi

12) Abdul

13) Manoj

14) Manisha Panda

These contestants will be seen shaking a leg with actor Tammaanaah in the teaser for the upcoming episode whilst also performing uphill tasks to stay in the competition. Tune into MasterChef Telugu at 8:30 PM, every Friday an

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