Keerthy Suresh and Selvaraghavan share about
their characters in Saani Kaayidham

Prime Video recently launched the trailer of its upcoming Tamil revenge action drama Saani Kaayidham, creating much anticipation among fans to see the talented director-turned-actor Selvaraghvan in front of the camera again, along with the National Award-winning actor Keerthy Suresh. Known for directing some popular south movies like Pudhupettai, 7G Rainbow Colony, Mayakkam Enna amongst others, writer and director Selvaraghavan will be seen in portraying the character of Sangaiah in the Tamil title.

Speaking about his acting, the filmmaker shared, “I have had one principle since the time I was directing, and it was to not look at the time. I must be so engrossed with whatever I do, only to be surprised towards the end that it is already time to pack up. This should be with any profession. I initially thought acting would be boring, but it was a learning process every day. Furthermore, I am grateful for Keerthy Suresh and Arun for being patient with me.”

Apart from introducing the Tamil director Selvaraghavan as an actor, ‘Saani Kaayidham’ will feature a different role of Keerthy Suresh that the audience has never seen before. Sharing the screen space with Selvaraghavan, Keerthy will be seen playing the character named Pooni, who is trapped in a generational curse that comes true when injustice is imposed upon her.

Moreover, it would be very interesting for the audience to watch her portraying a whole new character in this revenge crime thriller. While speaking about the preparation the actress went into, for the character, the lead actress Keerthy Suresh shared,” With previously portraying characters that were sweet, charming, and bubbly, Ponni is fresh, raw, and rugged role in this film demanding her to be lean and mean. In terms of prep, I didn’t do anything really. I think the minute I get into those clothes, put that makeup on, and went on the set, stood by the Matador van, watch Arun and Selva Sir I was ready. I had never imagined myself in such an intense film, and thus initially the task seemed daunting. But as the story progressed, it became easy for me to don the character of Ponni, also owing to the easy atmosphere on sets and the freedom to improvise and experiment”.

Saani Kaayidham follows a heart-wrenching journey of Ponni (Keerthy Suresh) who works as a constable and lives with her five-year-old daughter Dhanna and her husband Maari, who works as a coolie in a rice mill. On one unfortunate night, she loses everything, and to avenge the injustice done to her, she takes the support of Sangaiah (Selvaraghavan), with whom she shares a bitter past.

Produced under the banner of Screen Scene Media, Saani Kaayidham is available worldwide exclusively on Prime Video on 6 May. The film will be available in Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu (titled Chinni).

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