KidsChaupal, skill-based learning community and discovery of the interests of kids today

KidsChaupal: A nurturing community for children, KidsChaupal believes that kids these days have more potential than what actually meets the eye. Centred on the philosophy that every child is unique and all we need is to discover the child’s true potential, the nurturing community for children therefore helps to explore the limit of infinity.

Targeting the tender minds as it is more creative and curious to learn new things, KidsChaupal facilitates the child to explore and venture into the depths of his/her interests, skill sets, and abilities; it also bridges the gap between the parent and the child as it helps them and their kid recognize and discover the child’s true potential.

An edtech start-up venture of three creative minds- Ex Investment Banker, Mr. Devendra Jaiswal; Software and finance genius and entrepreneur, Mr. Ashish Srivastava; and a multi-talented mom, an inspiring entrepreneur, Ms. Rashmi Singh. KidsChaupal is further backed by Technocrats from Silicon Valley, US. KidsChaupal has been designed in a way to create a support system for kids, teachers/coaches and parents to guide and choose the right career path and skill sets required to achieve the aim of talented children.

Together, the founders of KidsChaupal felt that there was a lag and the need for a podium to help children discover their abilities, confidently socialize and boost their rational thinking.

At the moment KidsChaupal is an edified team of adolescent development maestros, entrepreneurs, educators, parents and technologists. Together they are synergizing their efforts to build an atmosphere of academic renaissance, positivity, overwhelming opportunities, booming curiosity, witty reasoning and evolving decision-making abilities around the kid which in the long run helps them make suitable career choices and correct decisions. With KidsChaupal, the relationship between the parent and their child flourishes with better understanding and surprises where they discover their kid in the most incredible way!

The Approach:

While most of the competitors are focussing on education and curriculum covered in schools and institutes, KidsChaupal is more focussed on skill based learning and discovery of the interests of kids today. The founders of KidsChaupal believe that the jobs that are present today may become redundant in the future. Thus skill based learning and learning the new technologies will make our children soar high and get better job opportunities when they finish their formal education. Thus in future a child can be a Robotics whiz kid, a painting genius, a music maestro, gymnast brilliance and much more.

How we do it?

KidsChaupal brings together parents/ kids and teachers. It is the main aim of KidsChaupal to connect kids to their right mentors/teachers and guides; in various fields in order to learn the apt skill set and get ahead in fulfilling their dreams.

For this KidsChaupal has developed two mobile applications- one is for parents and Children while the other is for Teachers/Coaches/Mentors. With the help of the KidsChaupal apps not only are parents able to connect with teachers in their areas all across the Nation, but also come to know about the upcoming workshops and events happening in and around them. The KidsChaupal Partner app makes the everyday administration handling of teachers/institutes/coaches and easier and simpler task by having all their needs at their fingertips.

The KidsChaupal Mobile Application offers a 3 way approach to the user. In simple terms, the application has 3 different kinds of interfaces for the parents, teachers and students respectively which aim at making the user understand the activities from different perspectives. The USP of the application is to bring experts and students closer so that children reap the maximum benefits, get the correct training and learning and are on the path which will be an investment for their future. It’s the very first application to come in the market with a unique concept and is beneficial, especially for the students. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store & IOS both.

KidsChaupal Scholarship and Reward: Encouragement for kids and Teachers/Mentors is the focus of KidsChaupal and with this in mind; KidsChaupal has come up with a scholarship programme for kids and a reward programme for teachers.KidsChaupal has come up with a scholarship program to invest a total of 10 Lakh Rupees in the potential of kids, keeping in mind the challenging scenario of global education and skill development. The realm of this scholarship is very vast and is applicable to students from all over the country. This scholarship primarily aims at supporting the skills development of all children.

KidsChaupal has come up with a plan to acknowledge extraordinary teachers, keeping in mind the challenging scenario of global education and skill development. The realm of this reward program, investing a total of 5 Lakh Rupees, is very vast and is applicable to teachers from all over the country. This scholarship primarily aims at acknowledging the contribution of teachers in various areas.

Moving forward, KidsChaupal aims at having over 5 Lakh children and 1lakh teachers /coaches/Mentors on board for their online platform in next three years and intend to set up and extend employment opportunities for about 1000 employment seekers by 2025.

Kidschaupal Brand Ambassador: KidsChaupal has roped in 14 years old child prodigy Tisya Singh as the Face of the Brand. A student of 8th Class at DPS Bangalore (East), Tisya is gifted with many talents. She is indeed a born prodigy with many accolades to her name. Besides securing A1 grade in studies, she is equally outstanding in sports, poetry, painting, sketching, dance & much more. Moreover, she has represented the State of Karnataka in the 7th India National Kuo Shu (Kung Fu) championship 2018 & has won various medals. Tisya is surely an extraordinary child who is indulged in every field one can think of.

Commenting on the association with KidsChaupal as the Brand Ambassador, Tisya Singh said, “It is my privilege to be in association with KidsChaupal as the Brand Ambassador. Through this association, I will do my part in making people believe, specially my fellow mates to route the career path keeping in mind the hobbies you love get indulged in, but also have focus on the studies part as well.”

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