Lizol Cement Cleaner aims to reach out to 2 out of 3 homes in Tamil Nadu

Lizol, the world’s No. 1 disinfectant brand from the house of Reckitt Benckiser, launched their latest innovation, Lizol Cement Surface Cleaner in Chennai.

According to the 2011 Census, 1 in every 3 Indian households has a cement floor wherein Tamil Nadu is the largest state where 2 out of 3 homes have cement floors.

Through extensive consumer research we found that the biggest concern faced by the Indian homemaker is the removal of the white patches/stains found on cement floors. A cement floor is made of calcium hydroxide which reacts with the carbon dioxide in the air forming calcium carbonate salt on floors. This salt residue eventually settles within the pores and crevices on cement floors and forms white stains. Generic cleaning solutions like Phenyls and Detergents are unable to dissolve these salts leaving the floor unclean and patchy.

The Lizol Cement floor cleaner is a Global first and has been launched exclusively for cement surfaces after years of extensive research. Lizol, has designed a unique 3-in-1 formula, that penetrates the porous cement floor, dissolves and eliminates tough white stains while removing 99.9 % germs and leaves behind a pleasant fragrance.

The post use consumer research undertaken by AC Nielsen in nearly 300 homes saw that more than 96 percent consumers found the product to be extremely effective on their cement floors as compared to their current phenyls and detergents. Lizol cement cleaner addressed the issue of calcium carbonate and consumers saw tangible results in front of their eyes.

Sukhleen Aneja, CMO & Marketing Director, RB Hygiene Home South Asia said “The floor cleaner category is growing at double digits and with growing urbanisation, the category is poised to accelerate further. Being a leader in this category, we realised that while the market is focused on tiles and marble floors, the need for most Indian consumers having cement floors has still not been addressed. Taking our vision to ‘Create a Cleaner World’ forward, we have launched Lizol Cement floor cleaner to serve many more consumers. By 2020, more than 18 crore homes in India will have cement floors with 33% homes in South India itself. We are so confident of our product’s proven efficacy that we are introducing a 6-day money back challenge.”

“This product is a global first and it is heartening for the India R & D team to bring a product that is core to the Indian homes ” says, Dr. Navin Sharma, Head- Innovation Hub at India R&D, RB Hygiene Home.

In its first phase, Lizol cement floor cleaner is being launched across four states with the highest cement floor penetration in India, namely; Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Karnataka and Kerala. The Lizol Cement Surface Cleaner will be available in two variants lemon and pine and two different sizes – 100ml and 400ml. It will be available across the 4 states in traditional trade and modern trade stores. The 100 ml trial pack is priced at Rs. 25 and the 400 ml bottle is priced at Rs. 74.

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