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Worldwide incidence of 11.6 % of cases and 18.4 % death are related to  consumption of tobacco. In Asia the incidence, mortality and prevalence is 56 to 60 percent as per Globocan 2018, said Prof Dr Anita Ramesh ,  Medical Oncologist in a Meeting in Chennai on Saturday 25th May 2019.

Addressing a symposium in the city ahead of World No Tobacco Day  smoking is not only harmful for smokers, but also deadly as passive smoking affects our near and dear ones. Many people die every year because of passive smoking, 

May 31st is World Tobacco Day! One of the major contributors for Lung  Cancer is smoking which eventually leads to cancer in the lungs! In this connect, a Symposium was held recently by way of a Panel Discussion  organised by Dr. Anita Ramesh of the trust, Freedom From Cancer Relief and  Research Foundation . Each panel discussion was headed by a Moderator with the  panel consisting of experts in the fields of oncology & pulmanology.

The theme of the Symposium was Evolution keeping pace with today’s  approaches to Molecule Diagnosis & multi-disciplinary management of  NSCLC.

The Sessions were divided into 3 parts-

The 1st Session was about Molecular Diagnosis & multi – disciplinary management of NSCLC. Moderated by Dr. Kunal Sharma from Speciality  Ranbaxy Laboratory’s, various aspects involved in the treatment  methodologies of Lung Cancer were deliberated in detail including  classification of Lung Cancer. Points relating to tissues were also discussed  under the caption, Tissue is the Issue.

The shift from Chemotherapy to Targeted Therapy was also touched up on

Due stress was laid upon the platforms used for molecular testing as well  and emerging Liquid Biopsy 

The 2nd Session moderated by Dr. Suman Kalyan, MIOT hospital was  focussed on Sequencing of EGFR Mutation & positive advanced NSCLC  Patients which touched upon subjects as guidelines for lung cancer patients,  relapses on Targeted Therapy & other recent scientific advances  in the relevant fields. The recent advances in the Diagnostics of Lung  Cancer were also touched upon.

The famous phraseology Your Genetics load the Gun but it is Your Lifestyle  that pulls the Trigger conveyed it all!

The 3rd Session moderated by Dr. Balaji J from Tamil Nadu Multi Speciality  hospital , Omandurar had a case based panel discussion in which several overlapping postulates & methodologies were discussed & deliberated, threadbare!

In all, it was a very significant Symposium that highlighted several aspects  pertaining to the care & cure of Lung Cancer!  

Awareness on smoking and tobacco consumption was discussed as a  integral part of the session by Dr Babita Sodhi from Apollo Cancer Hospital  Teynampet.

Dr Anita Ramesh founder of the Trust summed up the meeting and a note  of awareness for the general public on the” World No Tobacco Day “on 31st  May.

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