Lung Cancer is basically a  matter of grave concern!  According to Globacon 2018, the incidence of Lung cancer is  increased up to 11 percent! 

Initiated by Dr. Anita Ramesh  of Freedom from Cancer a  Trust that has been actively  associated with the act of  championing the cause of  cancer, Lung Cancer  Symposium 2019 was held at  Hotel Rain Tree, Teynampet.  5 Sessions that discussed &  deliberated on the  contemporary trends & treatment methodologies, were held with each  Session involving a team of panellists & each of them coming up with  references & remarks pertaining to the aspects of treatment of cancer.  While well known specialists stood & served as Moderators, the panellists  consisted of renowned cancer specialists.

Dr. Anita Ramesh set the scenario to roll by a formal introduction while she  moderated Session 2 too!

Session 1 was about the Role of CVAD in Oncology & Dr. Purvish Parikh was  the Moderator.  The Session discussed & deliberated on Chemotherapy & the  role play of Oncologists at that time. With Chemotherapy still  remaining one of the modalities of sole treatment for mutation driver  negative cancer, the session also touched on the subject of delegation of the  administration of Chemotherapy. Costs, Convenience, Care & Suitability of  the Mode of Treatment were also touched upon. Mention was also made on  the use of targeted drugs & combination of chemotherapy may become the  standard of care in cure as it has shown more prolongation of life. It also  stressed on the need for training to treat. 

Session 2 which was about the Evolution keeping pace with today’s  approaches to Molecular Diagnosis & Multi Disciplinary Management of  NSCLC. Moderated by Dr. Anita Ramesh, it threw light on the role play of  Radiologists, Molecular Markers, Relapse, Resistance, Rebiopsy,  Osimertimib which is effective for relapsed cases etc.

Session 3 discussed about Strengthening the Management of First Line  EGFR NSCLC. Dr. Anjana Goel was the Moderator & the panellists talked  about Lung Cancer Mutation Consortium also referring to news published  in The New England Journal of Medicine. The aspect of Optimal Sequence  for EGFR Sequence for Mutation was also touched upon besides Targeted  Therapy with Oral Tablets in treatment of lung cancer for mutation positive  diseases. 

Dr. Maurice Perol from Lyon, the  2nd largest city in France who is  employed at Leon Berard Cancer Centre moderated Session 4 which was on   Clinical Experience ofOsimertinib in First Line EGFR,  giving references &  remarks in detail & in depth about the prevailing trends throughout the  world pertaining to EGFR Mutations & its Variations as well. The roles of  Re-Biopsy & Liquid Biopsy were also dealt with. Treatment Strategies, 1st  Line Treatment & Resistance Mechanism etc were also discussed. 

The concluding Session 5 moderated by Dr. T.Raja was a Case Based Panel  Discussion which touched upon subjects as Biomarker Testing, Initial  Diagnostic Testing, Molecular Testing etc.

Immunotherapy which is a highly talked of subject that is needed in few  patients with PD1 expressed moderate & high tumour, was also discussed.  The need to discuss on expensive treatment modalities with the patients  concerned was also deliberated in detail. 

About 120 Delegates & Faculties from Chennai & all over Tamilnadu  participated besides Dr. Maurice Perol from France.

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