MasterChef Tamil witnesses yet another elimination as Kritraj gets eliminated in the diverse ingredients challenge

The contestants this weekend had to race against time in the MasterChef Kitchen. As the stakes keep getting higher with each passing episode, the challenges also get arduous yet exciting for the contestants. Tune into MasterChef Tamil, the regional adaptation of the internationally revered culinary show every Saturday and Sunday, from 9:30 PM -10:30 PM only on Sun TV.

The show commenced with a team challenge this week where the contestants were given three diverse ingredients under the categories of herbs, chocolates, and fruit varieties. Manikandan, Krithika, and Devaki were chosen as captains for blue, red, and green teams respectively. Each team consisted of three members with 60 minutes on their hands to serve a delectable dish. The blue team presented a feast of spicy Nasi Goreng, crispy sautéed chicken, fried eggs, and the Indonesian-Javanese-inspired Rempeyek, ultimately winning the challenge and proceeding to the safe zone.

The rest of the teams had to face the pressure test challenge and elimination. Prior to the pressure test challenge, the contestants had to undergo an advantage task where the winner will get the advantage of taking away the strong components of their co-contestants dishes. The advantage task demanded the contenders to make flavoured butter with cream of milk using a ladle instead of an electric beater.

Moving ahead, the pressure test challenge required the contestants to use their presence of mind, creativity, and dynamism to put together a decadent dish with the available ingredients. Nausheen presented a scrumptious butter-roasted fennel and garnered praises for the same while Kritraj, Sunitha, and Vinny had to go through the elimination round. Kritraj’s Ghevar 2.0 failed to impress the judges and he had to bid adieu to the show towards the end.

To get a glimpse of how the contestants fight for the coveted title, tune into MasterChef Tamil only on Sun tv, every Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 PM -10:30 PM.

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