MasterChef Telugu’s Rewind Week pits contestants in a culinary battle in the show’s first team challenge

The contestants of MasterChef Telugu took a trip down the memory lane in the rewind week with the beverage challenge and the show’s first team task. Tune into MasterChef Telugu, the regional adaptation of the internationally revered culinary show on  Friday and Saturday at 8:30 PM only on Gemini TV.

Contestants were put in a tight spot with the beverage challenge where they were expected to create a mocktail based out of a cart full of nostalgia. The cart contained a variety of ingredients like Jamun, sweet-lime, candies, tender coconut, and many others that could make anyone reminisce their childhood. As Kamal, Madhavi, Nazeemunisha, and Anusha entered the safe zone ( balcony), the rest of the contestants went ahead with the nerve-wracking mystery box challenge. Kamal’s decadent Jamun and candy-based drink grabbed the spotlight in the first round.

The Butterfly mystery box challenge presented a set of traditional culinary equipments like the hand-stone mill grinder, traditional murukku maker, and a grinding stone, using which the contestants had to prepare two culinary delights, one sweet and one savoury in the team challenge. Heating things further, the contenders could avail the pantry for only 5 mins with only one home cook to pick the ingredients.

Divided into teams of red, blue, and green, the home cooks presented some phenomenal dishes like the Idiyappam seared chicken dish with a deconstructed Falooda , and crispy fish dim sums with Phirni. The red team passed with flying colours while the green team entered the elimination.

Chef Mahesh Padala put forth a pressure test for the contestants where they had to re-create a forgotten-lost recipe from the 18th century. The bitter gourd-based recipe once served to the Nizams of Hyderabad, had the contestants in dire straits. At the end of the round, the show witnessed its second elimination with Priyadarshi Sahgal.

Catch contestants fight for the coveted title with MasterChef Telugu, every Friday and Saturday at 8:30 pm, only on Gemini TV

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