On the wake of World Aortic Diseases Awareness Day, Aortic Aneurysm Centre was launched at SIMS Hospital

Institute of Cardiac & Aortic Disorders (ICAD) at SIMS Hospital Inaugurated Aortic Aneurysm Centre an exclusive center for treating gamut of Aortic Diseases in India. The launch witnessed participation of over 100 Patients and their kin, who had Cardiothoracic Surgery. Other stakeholders from all over the state also witnessed the launch ceremony. Mr. N. Ram, Chairman, The Hindu Publishing Group launched the Aortic Aneurysm Centre and presided over as the Chief Guest. Dr. Raju Sivasamy, Vice President – SIMS Hospital addressed the gathering. The launch ceremony was conducted successfully under the guidance of Dr. V.V. Bashi, Director – ICAD, SIMS Hospital.

Acute aortic aneurysm and aortic dissection is a dreaded complication which occur in more than about 3-4 lakhs of people in India every year. Aortic dissection is a life threatening complication needing treatment within 24 hours, If not treated patient will die. In our country the awareness about aortic diseases is the least among public. If the disease can be diagnosed early most of the patient can be treated successfully, with success rate of more than 95%. Very few centers in our country are performing aortic surgeries in large numbers. The basic risk factors for this disease are uncontrolled hypertension, smoking and some cases it occurs in inherited as a familial disease. There are no dedicated centers in India so far to treat this particular problem.

September 19 is celebrated as World Aortic Disease Awareness day wherein we are participating along with other countries across the globe to create awareness among the public. From India, we are the only center which is participating in this event. Our hospital is providing free screening programme for one month, for patients who are at risk for aortic disease.
We are inaugurating an exclusive center for aortic diseases for following reasons,

1.To create awareness among the people thereby to control the factors which cause this problem like proper control of blood pressure, avoidance of smoking , exercise, controlling obesity and saving people who are at risk especially in some family where there is history of aortic aneurysm.

2.To provide treatment for these conditions we need a big aortic team which includes Cardiothoracic surgeon, Cardiologist, Interventional radiologist, Cardiac Anaesthesiologist, Perfusionist, Intensivists, transfusion medicine specialist and large number of paramedical staff.
3.Dr. V V Bashi and the team had performed more than 1,500 aortic surgeries which is one of the largest from any country on par with International standards.

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