Pre – IIGF’21 (Internet Governance Forum) Commencing from Today

IIGF is happening for the first time in the country on 20th October 2021. To involve students, industries and citizens of the country at a large scale, the IIGF committee has planned various pre-IIGF events.

The Pre-IIGF Initiative

As part of IIGF, a series of curtain-raiser events are being organized under the banner of “pre-IIGF events”. The purpose of Pre-IIGF events is to ensure that people across all sections of society across demographics, gender, urban-rural divide and socio-economic strata are reached out to so that they can contribute to the discussions at IIGF, making it an inclusive initiative, as part of pre-IIGF activities, in association with FICCI-ILIA with the contribution of different stakeholders organized a session on the importance of multilingual internet as a socio-economic tool of empowerment on 31-August 2021.

Mr. Anil Kumar Jain and Dr. Ajay Data quoted on IIGF.
Shri Anil Kumar Jain said, “Inclusive Internet is the need of we Indians and India IGF 2021 will aim to achieve the same with all stakeholder and community participation.”

Dr. Ajay Data, Chair of the Pre-IIGF committee also added, “Pre IIGF creates awareness about Internet Governance in schools, colleges and citizens at large. It also provides opportunities and ease for people to attend one of many events throughout Sept 21 till IIGF main event happens.”

We expect a large number of students and people from all walks of life to be part of the pre-IIGF event.

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