Riveting ‘ARANGETRAM’ Performance by Tech Student SmirithiAnand

Mesmerizing ‘ARANGETRAM’ Performance by Smirithi, a final year student of B.E Computer science had a huge applause from the audience at VaniMahal here in T.Nagar, Chennai. After years of training in “Bharatanatyam” a beautiful art form of Indian classical music and dancing, Smirithi performed her first solo performance, consisting of a repertoire of dances in a traditional way. 

The main purpose of Bharatanatyam dance is for the performer to evoke rasa, or feeling, in the audience through the precise recital of steps, gestures and facial expressions to offer prayers or convey stories from the great Hindu epics and Miss Smirithi following all those traditions always gave her best dance performance to awe the audience- and her performance at ‘Bharatanatyam Arangetram was no exception, where she mesmerized the audience with her incredible two-hour plus dance performance.

Speaking on the Occasion, Smirithi’s Guru, Mrs. Padmalaksshme Suresh, Founder Director of Padmalaya,and a great exponent of Bharatnatyam in classical dance said” It gives immense pleasure to have Smirithi as my student, who is passionate and a talented quick learner, dedicated herself to this divine art for decades. I thank her parents for their encouragement and support to her.” 

AnandArumugam, the father of Smirithi and Founder of IBIT Global, a Business Solutions & Service providers firm, said “It was a proud moment for us when she was performing live on the stage. It has been quite difficult task for her to practice and perform “Arangetram” in midst of her studies. Her interest in Bharatanatyam started when she was just four years old.”Adding to that A.Saritha, the mother of Smirithi, said, “Smirithi has mesmerized the audience with her scintillating performance of Arangetram. She worked hard for years to achieve this success”.

The auditorium was packed with the audience who enjoyed a live orchestra along with remarkable light effects, stage decoration, sound acoustics, and authentic crisp costumes. With so many aspects to think about simultaneously, dancers and members of the orchestra were completely focused and immersed the art lovers of Chennai into a musical and visual treat.

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