ShareChat Increased content creation and interest around education, with focus on preparation for competitive exams

For a country that places paramount importance to education, Teacher’s Day celebrated on September 5, is an occasion to commemorate the ‘Gurus’ in India. To mark this day, ShareChat, India’s fastest growing regional social networking app, has shared education trends amongst their users in India. With a focus on key topics such as examination tips and shortcuts, the report puts light on the usage of the platform across different regions in India, like a significant increase of 3190.54% user generated content in Karnataka, especially around ‘Education’. This demonstrates the time Indians are spending on learning more.

Sunil Kamath, Chief Business Officer, ShareChat said “At ShareChat, our focus has always been on providing our users with relevant and local content. This year’s education report demonstrates our relentless focus on enabling consumers to leverage our platform for things that matter to them, like learning and teaching. We have studied every market and noticed a significant increase in user generated content around education. It’s interesting to note that users are sharing preparation tips and tutorials to help other users increase their knowledge and skills. The report is a testimony to how rural India is using social media applications such as ours to learn more.”

Educational Institutes show maximum interest on ShareChat in Tamil Nadu
The report suggests that users in Tamil Nadu show a substantial interest from Educational Institutes and coaching centers for competitive exams such as IAS. The key topics covered in education range from examination tips, shortcuts, general knowledge to competitive exam questions. There has been a whopping 178.53% increase in user generated content in the region in the education segment compared to last year.

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