Siddharth Roy Kapur & Ashish Singh, CEO, Lyca Productions speak on South Indian Films

In a fireside chat at the India International Film Tourism Conclave 2022 promoted by Harshad Bhagwat producer Siddharth Roy Kapur, M.D. Roy Kapur Films and Aashish Singh, CEO, Lyca Productions gave out their views on the success of southern films across the country and even internationally.

The founder and M.D. of Roy Kapur Films and Former President, The Producers Guild of India said “The south Indian cinema is having its renaissance moment. We as audiences always saw south films on television channels dubbed in Hindi and over some time started appreciating the small nuances and the different treatment and flavor compared to mainstream Hindi heartland stories. After the pandemic, audiences have started accepting and appreciating such films in a big way. The Indian audiences are large in numbers and there is enough demand for good stories emerging from every region. Stories that move and make the audiences feel deeply will always be appreciated.”

Ashish Singh, CEO, of Lyca Productions, said “I strongly believe that we should not be differentiating between the north and the south and should be addressing it as the Indian Film Industry. I feel that good content and story would be a success, irrespective of which part of the country it comes from. It is not always the larger-than-life adventure or fantasy or drama – but films with a good storyline that hit the bull’s eye. Good content is the only formula if any for drawing audiences to the screens. Whenever we plan a film, we plan it for the Indian audiences at large and not specifically for the south or the north Indian audiences.”

The evening was the final day of the 3-day mega film tourism event featuring over 50 international companies from over 20 countries coming to Bollywood, Mumbai to woo Indian filmmakers. The event saw participation from countries including Azerbaijan, Abu Dhabi, Krakow, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Norway, Oman, Panama, Poland, Sri Lanka, Sweden, and Yas Island to name a few.

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