SolveCube – A Unique Platform For Gig CXOs And Teams For Asia And GCC

An all-in-one AI rich marketplace platform for access to curated and verified management domain experts, rank ordered for convenience

iCube Consortium Pte. Ltd. is an industry leader in providing technology blended Human Capital Solutions. With its AI-rich marketplace platform for providing CXOs and entire teams on full-time, part-time or turnkey assignments, SolveCube has found a firm footing in the market this year. The company was named a Top 10 HR Technology Solution Provider in 2019 by APAC CIO Outlook winner for its role in supporting innovative workforce┬ástrategies by aggregating management experts for plug ‘n’ play. The award also recognised the role that this technology-driven platform plays in supporting both an organisation’s need for regular injection of short-term skills and knowledge to stay competitive and cost-effective, as well as the changed work-life and lifestyle preferences of management experts.

The COVID crisis has demonstrated that with the appropriate use of technology working remotely can be effective. More and more organisations are now willing to employ experienced, management experts on contract. This has not only helped them manage costs but also benefit from the expertise of cross-border top talent without worrying about employment passes and visa restrictions. While deep technology has influenced business models and the way they operate, COVID has brought to the fore the emotional and business costs of managing Human Resources.

To stay competitive, senior management needs to be on top of their game on technology and domain strategy skills. It is commonly known that not only do full-time employees (FTE) cost the company up to 35% more than their peer independent domain experts, but also that independent experts are more likely to update their skills and knowledge on a regular basis. On the one end, more and more experienced experts are seeking personal control over work-life balance and work security, and on the other end, enterprises are adopting a blended workforce strategy at the C-suite minus three levels by balancing between FTEs and domain experts on turnkey basis.

SolveCube is an innovative solution providing opportunities for enterprises to optimise their workforce and benefit from the increasing number of management expert talent now operating as independent players in the ecosystem while simultaneously reducing fully loaded workforce costs and making an agile workforce strategy a reality. By making experienced experts available consistently, SolveCube not only helps enterprises to stay competitive but also puts consistent access to work opportunities directly in the hands of the independent player. The platform aims to provide reach to domain experts critical to business growth who are otherwise difficult to find and engage in the current fragmented market. iCube Consortium Pte. Ltd. has successfully partnered with large global consulting firms and corporates in providing management domain experts. It has also partnered with Globalisation Partners to support their clients who are looking to set up offices in new markets.

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