Southern Health Foods launches Manna GO GRAINS

Southern Health Foods Pvt Ltd, the holding company that markets products under the popular brand name of ‘Manna’ has forayed into the 6000 Crores Instant Malted food drink space with the launch of MANNA GO GRAIN, an instant Multigrain chocolate drink mix.


The specially formulated Manna Go Grains is a kid’s nutrition product that is made with a blend of cereals, pulse and milk proteins and enriched with 24 vital micronutrients that are required for kids’ growth and development. Manna Go grains has 7 grains (Millets – Ragi, Jowar and Bajra; Cereals – Wheat, Maize and Barley; Pulse – Bengal gram) and provides five benefits -Physical Growth, Mental Development, Stamina, Stronger Bones and Immunity for growing kids. Loaded with nutrition, Every serve(24g) of Manna GoGrains provides 33% RDA of 24 vital minerals and vitamins for kids growth.

Speaking about the new launch, Mr. Murugan Narayanaswamy. CEO, Southern Health Foods saidManna has always been a company that wants to increase the Nutrition quotient in whatever the consumer eats and drinks. Manna Go grains is specially formulated and is probably a one of its kind Multigrain Instant drink mix in the country. We have done consumer tasting with mothers and kids and all of them just love the chocolaty taste of Go grain. Mothers were overjoyed with the fact that Manna Go Grains provides 33% of RDA of 24 vital vitamins and minerals. Another first with Manna GoGrains is that Mothers today are always looking to replace the current brand with multigrain products but many kids do not love the taste of Multigrain foods. Manna Go Grains however is one multigrain product that kids will also readily accept and consumer. So, it’s a product that Kids will love to taste and Mothers would love to make.”

The Launch in Phase 1 will be across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and will be supported through a 360 degree Media campaign including promotions on Digital media

The TV campaign also is very thought through and tries to impress about todays community that wanting the kids to win is ok, but today’s mother also wants the kid to win honourably and win good. Winning good is about winning by taking friend with you, winning along with the whole community

For mothers, just like its not about winning, but winning good, its not about Nutrition but Grains Nutrition

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