Tata Motors Improves Total Cost of Ownership while redefining transportation

Tata Motors, India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer,today accentuated its commitment to support India’s economic growth by unveiling an extensive and comprehensive range of 21 new products and variants. Designed and engineered to cater to the evolving needs of cargo and people transport across segments and applications, these state-of-the-art vehicles further enhance Tata Motors’established ‘Power of 6’ benefit proposition to address specific usage and applications while delivering higher productivity and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Unveiling the 21 vehicles, Mr.GirishWagh, Executive Director, Tata Motors said, “The engines of infrastructure development, consumer consumption and e-commercepowering the Indian economy requirecontinued transportationsupport to run seamlessly. Being the leaderin the commercial vehicles, we continue todeliver superior value proposition to customers by introducing smarter, future-ready products and services. The 21 feature rich vehicles that we are introducing today are designed tofulfil the evolving needs of India’s economy and its growing demand for efficient transportation. Every aspect of these vehicles has been purposefully augmented to cater to both varied duty cycles as well as special applications. Incorporating the latest advances in technology, refined powertrains and upgrades in comfort and convenience,our vehicles are ideal to fulfil the customer need of highvehicle utilisation for more revenue with lower costs for more profits.”

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