The Raintree, St. Mary’s Road has re-launched their A La carte menu

The Raintree, St. Mary’s Road has re – launched their A La carte menu with  delicious new additions to the same. Painstakingly curated by Chef Suraj  and Chef Tamoghna, the menu boasts of Thai and Chinese flavours worth  indulging in. 

Choose from a range of the Chef’s  Signature dishes like Tofu tang su  (Tofu, radish, vinegar,  sweet  and sour soya), Roti jala gulai ayam  cemani (Healthy black chicken, gule sauce, roti jala), Nasi udang terong  sambalado (Prawns, spicy sambal sauce), Cha la lot (Vietnamese mince  lamb in betel leaves), Sambal spiked fish wrapped in lotus leaves (Sea bass, spicy  sambal sauce, pan fried), Ped yang (Thai style roasted duck lemongrass, galangal, curry),  Spicy pork adobo na tuyo ( Philipino pork ribs, ghost chilli, rice  wine. Braised) and Martabak telur cincang ayam /domba/ (Folded crispy pancake, choice of stuffing – chicken/ mutton/vegetables).

One can also indulge in dishes like Tofu & asparagus kothe (Pan grilled  dumplings) Jellied edamame and truffle dimsum (Edamame beans,  truffle oil, togarashi powder), Szechuan lamb rice ball  (Lamb mince, rice, steamed),  Prawn hargau (Bamboo shoot, water  chestnut), Salmon & asparagus jellied dumplings  (Flying fish roe, sesame oil, soya chilli, garlic glaze),  Pork xiao long bao (Slow roasted pork belly, sesame oil), Cheung  fun xia (Prawns stuffed rice roll, sesame, and soya), Kaffir lime spiked  artichoke (Spinach and sesame crisp, honey chilli sauce) Thai herb  scented crispy plantain (Lemongrass, galangal, bird eye chilli, toasted cashew nut),  Shallow fried silken tofu, gratiam sauce (Tossed in fresh pepper  and coriander chilli sauce), Stir fry water chestnut and lotus kaeng  curry prik (Cooked in  red curry paste, coconut cream)  and the like!

Enjoy the La tian yaoguo ji (Sweet and spicy cashewnut chicken),  Phakchi chicken drumstick (Crispy fried, coriander , bird eye  chilli sauce), Shaoxing duck (Asian rice wine, char siu sauce), Double cooked  pork belly (Cantonese mijiu wine, goji berry ,cardamom, star anise and  peppers).  For Seafood lovers, there is Drunken crab (Chinese cooking wine, egg foo young sauce and ginseng), Thai herb scented steamed cod  (Glass potato chips, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lemon grass), Steamed prawns and lemon grass lolly (Kaffir lime, nam pla sauce,  pumpkin, sunflower seed), Lamb hung lay (Northern Thai curry , braised lamb shank, potato,  peanut) Barbequed schzewan duck (Bed of greens, Szechuan peppers) and more!

Enjoy healthy options such as amaranthus, turnip, turmeric leaves, chow  chow, kohlrabi, sweet potato, kale, purple cabbage, and brussels sprouts.  Add brown rice, wild black rice, quinoa, shirataki noodles or even whole  wheat apart from regular menu. Choose low calorie sauces like Singapore  Chilly Sauce, Black Bean Sauce or even Water chilli Garlic Sauce to go with  your meal.

Visit Chap Chay at The Raintree, St. Mary’s Road and take yourself on a  culinary journey like never before. For additional details on the menu,  kindly contact The Raintree at + 044 42 25 25 25.

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