UNANU brings Technology solution to Indian Logistics Sector

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UNANU Logistics, a company offering the latest communication, online payments and  tracking technologies to the transportation industry, announced today that they will be  launching in Chennai and the surrounding areas in Tamil Nadu. Since the company’s  founding in 2017, UNANU Logistics has been solely focused on bringing the latest tools  through the web and mobile platforms to transportation companies nationwide.

Logistics industry in India is seeing a rapid growth with many factors contributing,  such as the changing tax system, industrialization and entry of foreign players.  However,one of the challenges that the industry face is the poor infrastructure such as  road  conditions, lack of manpower and organized supply chain. Providing solutions to one of the major challenges, which is the unorganized demand management and  supply  chain, UNANU a truck aggregator app was launched in Chennai.

“Technological adaptation in the logistics space is at a relatively slower pace,  particularly for small to mid-size  businesses  in  India,  making  it  the  perfect  market  to introduce our product & technological capability.” says UNANU Logistics  CEO & Founder  Srini  Sundar. At  UNANU,  we are currently engaging with a large set of fleet owners & transportation/shipping companies to showcase how our  revolutionary product can lower shipping costs and freight charges, so companies  can improve their quality of  service, rather than just the number of shipments.

UNANU will benefit the shippers by providing quality freight services and on the flip  side, the fleet owners can effectively manage the utilization of the vehicles. “In many  cases, the vehicles return empty or have to halt for days together to get an order that  they can ship back. To provide return load support, UNANU will be a great platform,” he  further adds.

The scenario of tech driven logistics in India is emerging over the last few years and  bringing a digitized solution to truck aggregator will automate processes like delivery  status, load find and driver payment providing real time updates on consignments from  pickup to delivery. “This model of business will minimize the operational costs and  expenses on deadheads, thereby enabling efficient use of fuel,” he concludes.

Author: Namma Madras News

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