“Upcoming Release: Sunidhi Chauhan’s “Tum Kehte Ho” Inspires Self-Value Beyond Performance Pressure”

In a world that’s always striving for perfection & validation, Sunidhi Chauhan’s latest single, “Tum Kehte Ho,” promises a musical journey that speaks directly to the heart. The audio is Set to debut on September 7th audio, followed by the video on the 14th. This captivating song, brought to life by the skilled lyricism of Sunayana Kachroo and the melodic composition of Saleel Kulkarni, unravels the struggles faced by students, athletes, artists, and working professionals who feel the constant pressure to meet everyone’s expectations at some point.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of seeking validation from society, “Tum Kehte Ho” gently reminds us about the significance of self-acceptance and mental well-being. With Sunidhi Chauhan’s emotive voice leading the way, the song urges us to step away from the race for approval and instead find contentment in our accomplishments. It’s a musical embrace of imperfections and a celebration of our unique journey.

As the release date approaches, the anticipation for “Tum Kehte Ho” continues to grow. Sunidhi Chauhan’s heartfelt rendition, coupled with Sunayana Kachroo’s heartfelt lyrics and Saleel Kulkarni’s soul-stirring composition, holds the promise of a captivating experience that resonates with all those curious about embracing their true selves and finding tranquillity in a world that’s always demanding more.

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