Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers launches the stunning nature-inspired platinum collections, The Ginkgo Leaf and Buddha Pod

Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers, one of India’s  top jewellery brands popularly known for  exquisite craftsmanship and unique  designs, launched two hand-crafted  collections, The Ginkgo Leaf and Buddha Pod  in  platinum. 

The mesmerizing signature collections from the ‘VBJ Creative Centre’ were  unveiled by Mr. Jithendra Vummidi, Managing Partner, Vummidi Bangaru  Jewellers, & Ms. Vaishali Banerjee, Managing Director, Platinum Guild  International – India, in the presence of esteemed guests from across the  city. 

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Jithendra Vummidi, Managing PartnerVummidi Bangaru Jewellers said, “We are thrilled to launch Buddha Pod  and The Gingko Leaf, two exquisite platinum ranges, inspired by nature. The  simplistic, light-weight and contemporary style is ideal for office and daily  wear. Our focus has always been to deliver exclusive collections to ensure  that our customers get unparalleled styles. The launch of The Gingko Leaf and  Buddha Pod mark our significant foray into Signature collections in  hand-crafted platinum jewelry, conceptualized & created at the VBJ Creative  Centre”.

Present at the launch was Ms. Vaishali Banerjee, Managing Director,  Platinum Guild InternationalIndia who said “Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers are known for  their strong design aesthetic and expert craftsmanship in  jewellery. I am delighted to see that this has now extended in platinum with  the launch of The Gingko Leaf and Buddha Pod collections. Both collections have a  unique design story through contemporary designing. Each  piece of jewellery has the finesse and elegance that is synonymous with  the language of Platinum jewellery. I am sure that these designs will talk to  the discerning young consumers in India.”

The Gingko leaf collection received a flamboyant launch at prestigious  platform  of The Lakme India Fashion  Week, last week. The Ginkgo  Leaf  collection is inspired by  the Ginkgo Tree, considered a  symbol of resilience  and  beauty. It holds within it an  untold story of a woman’s  strength and  courage. In  addition to symbolizing longevity, life and endurance; the light – weight platinum collection is a tribute to all women who have displayed  inner  strength in trying times, whilst holding a smile on her face.  

The Buddha Pod collection, is handcrafted with diamonds encrusted   delicately upon platinum. The collection is inspired by the unique ‘heart – shaped’ Buddha Pod seed that splits open, scattering seeds which have a lot   of healing properties.  The Buddha Pod is meant to metaphorically  represent a mother’s heart as she spreads infinite love to one and all. 

Committed to creating wearable pieces of art that spell elegance, the range   comprises of neckpiece, earrings, rings & bracelets that can elevate the   sartorial choices of the modern Indian woman. Crafted in a metal that is  30  times rarer than gold, this collection is a statement of individuality for  those  who appreciate the highest quality in jewellery.

VBJ’s other exclusive signature collections are Navaratna, Dalia, Kirigami,   Persiana and Tulips. The aesthetic appeal behind the special hand -made  collections is evident as nature and art are at the fulcrum of design,  at VBJ’s  Creative Centre. 

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