Celebrating Womanhood: SIMS Hospital offers consultation for Breast Cancer; with screenings at an exclusive price

Regarded as the nurturers of the family, women often neglect their health amidst their responsibility and fast-paced lifestyle. In an attempt to ensure every woman gets their share of care, SIMS Hospital, one of the leading healthcare providers, is offering a screening package for breast cancer and abdominal health Vadapalani. SIMS Hospital, through this initiative, provides comprehensive care and early diagnosis for chronic diseases affecting women at an exclusive rate. The specially curated package includes a free consultation with a prominent oncologist from the institution.

Women’s lifecycle varies vividly from that of a man where the play of hormones, adolescence, reproductive age, menopause stage and other ageing related problems is faced by women at different stages. Therefore, there is an insistence to provide end-to -end care to women, as often they ignore health check-ups and self-care leading to chronic diseases like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, heart failure, abdominal adhesions, and arthritis. Bridging the need for cancer awareness and diagnosis for women in the city, SIMS Hospital offers timely diagnosis such as Mammogram, Breast Ultrasound and Abdominal Ultrasound. The package also comprises consultation by a renowned Breast surgeon from the city to provide best health advice and treatment.

Backed by state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology, SIMS Hospital aims to provide early awareness and accurate diagnosis for breast cancer and abdominal ailments for women at an exclusive price until 31st March 2022.

To avail world-class diagnosis and consultation, please contact +91 87540 45281, and visit the website http://www.simshospitals.com/ .

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