Kauvery Hospital Chennai begins a vaccine programme for COVID-19

Kauvery Hospital Group one of the largest healthcare chains in Tamil Nadu, started the vaccination programme at the Kauvery COVID-19 Vaccination Centre, Kauvery Hospital Chennai. Dr ManivannanSelvaraj, Founder & Managing Director Kauvery Group of Hospitals took the first dose of vaccine at the hospital.  Most of our senior consultants/frontline workers have also taken the 1s dose.

Speaking on the launch of the programme, DrManivannan Selvaraj , Founder & Managing Director Kauvery Group of Hospitals, said “The long awaited moment for us is now over. We are now happy in seeing a new ray of hope for the people in our country. We thank the government for this move thereby enabling healthcare centres like us to work towards eradicating the virus. Throughout the programme, the vaccines will be administered with all safety protocols and we will focus on providing this to all staffs, volunteers and frontline workers in our hospital.”

Author: nammamadrasnews

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