SRM Public school’s organized by mega event ‘REVUSE 2021’ meaning ‘dreamer’

SRM Public school’s Department of Commerce and Humanities organised a mega event ‘REVUSE 2021’ meaning ‘dreamer’, with an aim to instil entrepreneurial skills in budding entrepreneurs on 22.10.21. Mr. M.Subramanian shared his experience and Dr.K.R.Maalathi judged and validated the business proposals. Prior to this the Principal Ms.S.Bhuvaneshwari motivated the students which set the tone for the event. The event gave the young minds an opportunity to explore their latent talents and exhibit it to their fellow-mates, facilitators and parents of SRMPS. Students also presented their business proposals to the gathering followed by setting up of various stalls. The hallmark of the show was the creation of an e-commerce platform to launch the products to be sold and the utility of compact barcodes to track any lost product. Dynamic leaders’ enthusiasm knew no bounds. The event went on in a full swing which fetched more profits to the sellers. It rendered loads of personal and professional learnings to all involved, especially to the pupils. The road laid down to become future entrepreneurs was walked through meticulously and ecstatically. ‘Revuse 2021’ was indeed a grand event with its quantum leap towards making future entrepreneurs.

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