The Naturals and the House of Brand Avatar announced the 3rd Edition of The HOMEPRENEUR AWARDS

Ever wondered, when you had ordered your homely lunch from your  nearby meal provider, as to who is running the show there?  Or, who is   rendering the beautician services in your neighborhood boutique?  Or, who is behind the agency which is providing healthcare services to your  ailing parent?  You will truly be surprised to learn that quite a number of  these enterprises are owned and managed by women!

They carry on their business and contribute to their home, society as well  as the economy, nobody ever pausing for a moment to thing about them! It is here that one such entrepreneur, from The Naturals and the House of  Brand Avatar, decided that the efforts of these unsung women should get  some recognition and out of such decision was born  THE  HOMEPRENEUR AWARDS (Suyasakthi Virudhugal).  These awards,   which have run 2 successful editions, have created a platform to Recognize,  Reward, Celebrate and Transform such home-based  businesswomen who are carrying on diverse business activities from home  starting from baking, tutoring, freelancing, beautician, writing, healthcare  services to catering.  

Considered under a dozen categories (Agriculture, Arts & Culture, Beauty  & Wellness, Education, Food & Beverages, Home Professionals, Healthcare,  Home Retail, Media Entertainment, Sports & Fitness and Social Welfare),  these awards are finalized by the following panel of jury comprised of  eminent women from multiple disciplines

Dr. Mariazeena Johnson – Pro Chancellor, Sathyabama University 

Ms. Veena Kumaravel – Founder, Naturals Salon 

Ms. Rohini Manian, CEO of Global Adjustments Services & Editor in Chief,  Culturama Living

Ms. Aruna Subramaniam – Trustee Bhoomika Trust 
Dr. Saundarya Rajesh – Founder – President, AVTAR Career Creators & FLEXI Careers India
Ms. Hema Rukmani – CEO, Thenandal Entertainment  

Ms. Nina Reddy – Managing Director, Savera Hotels 

Ms. Sushila Ravindranath – Journalist, Columnist and Author 

Ms. Rinku Mecheri – Social Entrepreneur & Founder of Chennai Volunteers 

Dr.  Latha Rajan – Founder, Ma Foi Strategic Consultants 

Ms. Lakshmi Ravichander – Founder of Event Art 

Ms. Divya Sathyaraj – Nutritionist 

Ms. Poornima Ramasamy, National Award Winning Costume Designer & Stylist cum Entrepreneur 

The interesting numbers tell the success story and overwhelming  popularity of these awards.  The first two Seasons involved thousands  of  valid nominations from Tamil Nadu (both Offline and Online), shortlisting   of 1800 nominations, one-on-one interviews with 300 entrepreneurs and  finally shortlisting of over 90 women for the coveted awards.  There have  been workshops and consistent mentoring support from the Jury  Members.  

Announcing the 3rd Edition, where the registration process commences on  2nd July and closes on 10th Aug., followed by interviews starting from 23rd  Aug., culminating in the colourful Awards Function on 15th Sep., Mr.  Hemachandran, CEO of Brand Avatar mentioned that the most heartening  aspect of two editions of Homepreneur Awards had not only been the  recognition of them but also how Homepreneurs benefited from the  engagement that happened beyond the awards. Their opportunities  multiplied, networks increased and enriched their knowledge through the  workshops conducted after the awards. The introduction of  HOMEPRENEUR CIRCLE stems from this, it will go beyond the awards to  help the homepreneurs.

Mr. C K Kumaravel, Co – founder of Naturals said “It has been an uplifting  journey over two editions, my faith in the abilities and capabilities of  women were re-affirmed seeing the dedication and the passion with which  they pursue entrepreneurship. Season 3 of Homepreneur Awards will be  even more inspiring with the addition of the student edition where the  future entrepreneurs will come.”  He also shared the other details of the  Awards for the 3rd Edition, including the new intiatives, summarized  hereunder.  He also sought a continued extensive participation from the  entrepreneurs across the State in the Awards Program. 

Criteria for selection: Uniqueness of the business idea, Business Challenges faced by them, Scalability and Progress & Revenue 

Process:  The registrations go through an internal filtration before being  called for a one on one interview with the jury members. The registration  process is completely online and based on the “Criteria for Selection”, the eminent jury members evaluate and choose  the winners from each  category. The winners get awarded in the main event scheduled for 15th  September. 

NEW INITIATIVES OF HOMEPRENEUR AWARDS for SEASON 3:  HOMEPRENEUR CIRCLE: It will be an exclusive club for Homepreneurs  to interact, network and meet with the best in the industry. Homepreneur  Circle goes beyond the event to enable learning, growth for Homepreneurs  and also help them in marketing and sales of their products. Being part of  Homepreneur Circle enables them to 


  1. Enlist their products on\
  2. Promote their products/services on our social media platform.  
  3. Participate in the workshops organized by leaders of the industry  
  4. Participate and interact in our Youtube show featuring the Jury members of Homepreneur Awards.  

HOMEPRENEUR AWARDS – STUDENT EDITION – Homepreneur – Student Edition is an initiative of Homepreneur Awards to recognize and  motivate college going girls for their passion for entrepreneurship. It is a platform  for them to share their ideas for entrepreneurship, as to how they intend to start, execute and scale up. The most feasible and realistic ideas with clarity  will be recognized. Student Edition seeks to enable and provide a  platform for them to share their entrepreneurship aspirations and vision.  Any college-going girl student is eligible for registering for the awards.  



  1. Converging of all Homepreneurs for an inspirational night of awards and also to network with their fellow Homepreneurs. 
  2. HOMEPRENEUR EXPO –  More than 30 products that are natural,  organic and made by Homepreneurs will be featured.    
  3. Entertainment and celebrities to grace the occasion.  

Winners of the Homepreneur Awards –  Student Edition also will be among the attendees.

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