On the occasion of the ongoing Cancer Awareness Month and as part of its continuous endeavor to do something positive for the community, Neuberg Diagnostics Private Limited, a StartUp in the PathLab chain segment, distributed 200 blankets to children in the pediatric wards of Institute of Child Health and Hospital in the city.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Aishwarya Vasudevan, Group COO, Neuberg Diagnostics Private Limited said, “Childhood cancer is curable if diagnosed early and treated appropriately. Children coping with cancer usually need physical, mental and emotional support. Treatment is often long, so the efforts, therefore, must be made to keep the children in a positive frame of mind.  Many a times they are undergoing treatment in the hospitals for weeks and even months together, which takes a toll on their little bodies and minds… so much so that they rarely smile. While medical treatment helps them to cope with the disease, each one of us can make a big difference by supporting them emotionally. We like to see the smiles on their faces and these blankets are a small contribution from our end towards giving them that cuddly feeling and bringing some spark in their lives.”

The blankets were distributed in the presence Dr Rema Chandramohan, Director, Institute of Child Health and Hospital.

Says Dr Rema Chandramohan, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank team Neuberg for this wonderful initiative. It was a moving experience to witness this blanket distribution and the effect it had on the kids fighting cancer at our institute.  Simple gestures such as this can be really impactful and meaningful.”

Dr Saranya Narayan, Technical Director & Chief Microbiologist, Neuberg Diagnostics Private Limited was present at Institute of Child Health and Hospital during the blanket distributions. She said “Cancer symptoms depend on the type of cancer and where it is in the body. It is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer in Children. Early diagnosis of cancer greatly increases the chances for successful treatment.”

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