Dumbell Fitup Fest 2019 Organized By Dumbell And Brand Avatar

Dumbell Fitup Fest 2019, a first – of – its – kind Fitness and Wellness Event,  organized jointly by Brand Avatar and Dumbell, was inaugurated on 6th  April in a glittering function in YMCA Wings Convention Center,  Royapettah. To be continued on 7th April, the prestigious event showcases  Conferences, Fitness Competitions, Yoga and Zumba Sessions, Fashion  Show, Expos and Awards Night.  It is of great interest that Decathlon, the  iconic Sports Goods Retail Brand, is holding competitions for indoor games  such as Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis, etc., 

To most of us, unfortunately, Fitness is the proverbial “New Year Resolution”  – to make a promise only to start enthusiastically and forget it  in a matter of days.  To veer us away from such behaviour and to make us  care for ourselves more by examples than by sermonising, this event is an  invitation to the Chennai citizens of all age groups – to be part of Fitness  Movement to learn, network and change our way of life. FITUP FEST 2019  aims to create awareness among public about various forms of fitness  activities for both the body and the mind which can be practiced in our  daily life. FITUP FEST is intended to pave way for transforming the lifestyle  of individuals across all walks of life for a healthily living.

Inaugrating the event Mr Sudhakar Raja, CEO of HowdyDo, also stressed the importance of fitness and the need for a healthy body and how events like  this kindle the spirit in all of us.  He advised the gathering to take to fitness  seriously as health is one asset which we tend to not take seriously or  appreciate until it is reminding us of its existence!  Mr C K Kumaravel, CEO  of Naturals Salon, speaking during the occasion, said that fitness should be  part of everybody’s daily life.  It is not necessarily having big muscles but it  means being quick, flexible and active.  He asked the Chennai public to take  advantage of this event to remind themselves of a duty they owe to  themselves – to be fit and healthy! Mr Hemachandran, CEO, Brand Avatar,  mentioned that the house of Brand Avatar took immense pleasure in  hosting events like this with a cause.  He recalled the contribution of Brand  Avatar’s socially relevant events such as the Village Ticket, Homepreneur  Awards, etc., Mr Abishek Rengaswamy, Founder and Chairman, Dumbell,  also explained how and why he thought up about this Event and how we   tend to ignore our health at a huge cost not only to us but also to those around us!

Multiple engaging events are happening simultaneously – Conferences on wide – ranging issues, Fitness Tasks (including interesting games and a lot  of challenges with rewards to keep the competitive spirit in focus) & the prestigious Little Miss & Master Earth India Competition.  

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