FIDA Organised “Kritya 2020” – The Annual Interior Design Exhibition

KRITYA 2020, Annual Interior Design Exhibition celebrated original concepts, design ideas and design oriented products from budding interior designers were able to demonstrate innovative and functional design solutions along with aesthetical properties and artistic content under various design categories. Kritya over the years has become a platform for emerging interior designers to showcase their fresh design ideas to the outside world.

Mrs. Suma Harris, Entrepreneur/Director of Saravana Bavaa Entertainment Pvt Ltd graced the event and motivated the students for their extraordinary and ground-breaking designs.

The Exhibition brought forward people from the design fraternity, who share the same interests and also created an interactive atmosphere which made Kritya engaging.

What are the takeaway for the students? / Who is the audience?

The students meanwhile understand the importance of the elements and principles of design as the building blocks of creativity that would develop their originality, expression, skill and lateral thinking. It is important that they understand how theoretical principles relate to practical design. The audience include prominent Interior Designers, Architects, Faculty members from Educational institutions and all the parents of the participating students.

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