India and Sweden announced the India-Sweden Collaborative Industrial R&D Programme

India and Sweden announced the India – Sweden Collaborative Industrial  Research & Development Programme on the occasion of the Sweden-India  Innovation Partnership AI for All Summit. The programme will address a  range of global challenges through technology and innovation. The Joint  programme is co-funded by Indian Department of Science & Technology  (DST) and Sweden’s Innovation Agency – Vinnova. The new programme  brings together the world class excellence of Sweden and India to address  challenges in the area of Smart Cities and Clean Technologies and  Digitalization / Internet of Things (IoT). 

Full-Scale R&D projects, focused on co – development of new products,  processes or technologies; Product Adaptation projects will be funded  under this new programme. Vinnova will provide funding to Swedish side  participants upto 2,500,000 Swedish Krona as grant. On the Indian side,  conditional grant of upto 50% with a limit of INR 1.5 crores per project to  Indian project partners to be provided. 

The Sweden – India science and innovation partnership has gone from  strength to strength in last couple of years and high-level diplomatic visits  have boosted interest in bilateral collaboration between the two countries.  Last year, in April 2018, during Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Sweden, India  agreed to deepen the collaboration  through the Joint Declaration on  Innovation Partnership for a Sustainable Future. The partnership aims to  increase impact of bilateral cooperation in innovation, science and  technology. The Swedish government has earmarked an additional 50  million SEK to its  innovation agency Vinnova to commence and inaugurate  the innovation partnership with India. 

Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India and  Swedish Governmental Agency for Innova_on Systems (Vinnova) have  created funding mechanisms through which companies may seek support  for joint R&D projects.

This India – Sweden programme aims to foster & support the development of  collaborative R&D projects that bring together companies, research  organizations, academics and other collaborators from both countries for  the joint development of innovative products or processes. The project  should aim to develop technologies that can be commercialized after 2  years through joint cooperation between India and Sweden. This  Programme is technically and administratively managed by the Global  Innovation & Technology Alliance (GITA) on behalf of DST in India and  Vinnova in Sweden.

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