Kocoatrait is now Sustainable, Zero Waste + Award Winning for its delicately balanced chocolate flavours!

Kocoatrait Sustainable Chocolates have been awarded a Silver in the Asia Pacific competition of the International Chocolate Awards (ICA) held recently in Hong Kong. This makes Kocoatrait the only award winning chocolate in Asia Pacific to have sustainability at the core of its product offering. With this award/recognition consumers can be sure that sustainable chocolates can also win awards focussed on taste and flavour!

“We are pleased to demonstrate that an Indian bean to bar chocolate brand focussed on being Zero Waste, Inclusive and Sustainable, produces award winning chocolates using Indian cacao beans, is competing with the best in the world and most importantly, winning!” says Poonam Chordia, Co-Founder Kocoatrait Chocolates.

The silver award winning chocolate from Kocoatrait (Masala Chai) has been crafted from bean to bar by Poonam Chordia in Chennai using Indian cacao, non refined sugar (muscovado) and real flavour ingredients. What makes this chocolate special is the delicate balance of flavours of all the spices used (Ginger, Cardamom & Black Pepper), in a well balanced 64% dark chocolate with low to medium acidity, controlled astringency and limited bitterness matching the experience of our beloved Indian masala chai! The open secret would be the addition of own roasted whole spices at the right time into the chocolate refining & conching process. No flavour oils are used and only the real ingredient to derive the flavours are used ensuring that the flavour sits at the core of the chocolate experience and persists during the length of melt and provides a lingering aftertaste (meaning you do not really have to grab another bite anytime soon!).

“This is how we differentiate from mass market chocolates who understandably rely on flavour oils to add the flavour into their chocolate experience. Indian chocolate lovers, now for the 1st time, have an option to enjoy award winning chocolates while keeping their chocolate experience paper/plastic free, planet friendly and zero waste.” adds Poonam Chordia.

“Our offering has obsessively focussed on being Zero Waste and the soul of our offering, however, has always been the core product, the chocolate.” says L Nitin Chordia, Co-Founder, Kocoatrait Sustainable Chocolates. “We have been judging several times in the past due to our minimalistic, paper/plastic free packaging. With this award, consumers will be more confident not to judge a book by its cover! We aim to save the planet and now offer a solution to climate change via award winning chocolates!”

“We have preceded the clean label trend and have offered 3 ingredient chocolates from when we launched our brand in 2019. A 87.4% score ensures that we keep motivated over the next year with an aim to achieve more and continue to put India on the world cacao/chocolate map!” adds L Nitin Chordia.

Kocoatrait range of sustainable and now award winning chocolates is available for Rs 235 per Bar (45 Grams)

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